2019 - 2020 Outland Gymnastics Program

2019 - 2020 CrossFit Kids & Teens Programs

Gymnastics for 4 year old's classes will consist of teaching Gymnasts (age 4 by end of 2019) the proper techniques and fundamentals of gymnastics while providing a fun yet structured environment where your children are motivated and encouraged to learn.

NOTE:  Each Preschool Gymnast REQUIRES a parent/guardian to accompany them for the duration of the class.  Space is limited, so no additional children or strollers are NOT allowed. 

-Preschool Gymnasts should be potty-trained (no diapers).
-Gymnasts and parents/guardians should wear appropriate clothing: gymnastics suits for the Gymnasts are recommended, however, t-shirt/tank top which covers the torso and can be tucked in if needed, gym shorts, track pants which are not too long are also acceptable. Loose fitting clothing can be a potential safety hazard therefore is not recommended.  Girls’ hair should be pulled/pinned back at all times to be kept out of their face.  No socks are permitted on the gymnastic floor or equipment.