Brent Hamm is CrossFit Outland's resident Strongman!  For years, Brent has been paving the way in Strongman competitions in Southern Manitoba.  With many championships under his belt and a passion for strength and fitness, Brent joined CrossFit Outland in 2017 to try a new dynamic to his fitness regime.  With the addition of cardio and mobility to his workouts, he is taking his ability to a different level.  Brent enjoys the challenge of CrossFit competitions but you can always find him in an adult class as a participant, encouraging others to challenge themselves to achieve more than they did before.  He also enjoys leading some Sunday morning workouts that have a Strongman flavour to them and are guaranteed fun for everyone.  Brent has completed his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course.  Two of Brent's boys are active participants in the CrossFit Teens program.   Brent also, coaches our Powerlifting stream which occurs in 6 week cycles.

Meet our coaches

Hey Everyone!  I’m Cindy!
I was born and raised in a small eastern Manitoba town, before moving to Altona almost 20 years ago. With no shopping malls, movie theaters or coffee shops growing up, I was drawn into many activities including sports.  At age 3, I started gymnastics with the Pinawa Gymnastics Club and it has been a passion of mine ever since! Even at such a young age I was captivated by the thrill of a new challenge and that has been a big part of my life!
I competed in numerous competitions throughout my 15 years of gymnastics training and I became a junior coach with our local club where I completed my Level 1 Theory and Technical Gymnastics certifications. I joined the Altona Recreational Gymnastics program as a coach in 2008, Head Coach until 2014 and had the amazing opportunity to experience the passion for gymnastics in a new community.
Following a brief step away from gymnastics in 2015, I was excited to hear about Country Strong Functional Fitness, a new and upcoming gym in Altona! I didn’t know anything about functional fitness but I was up for a new challenge! I have now been a member of Crossfit Outland over the past 3 years and have seen my body and mind transform into something so much stronger than I thought could have ever been possible! This new obsession, has very definite ties to my passion for gymnastics both through competition and “athletic” self discovery.
I was quickly recognized by my crossfit coaches as the “gymnastics coach from the rec department”. We worked together to bring a gymnastics program back to Altona and the surrounding area and in 2016 Outland Gymnastics was offered to the community. As head coach of this program I am very happy to see the excitement brought to so many and our continued growth shows the passion for the sport.
Being a part of the Crossfit Outland community has pushed me to achieve goals I never thought were a reality. The encouragement , support and motivation you receive is second to none so naturally I strive to be a bigger part of it and in May 2018 I completed the Crossfit Level 1 Trainer course. I am very excited to embrace this new coaching challenge to help others achieve their fitness goals with the same encouragement , support and motivation shown to all Crossfit Outland members.
I feel extremely honored to be able to share my passion for gymnastics and crossfit with the people of the community through Crossfit Outland. Motivating others and seeing individuals of all ages succeed is what drives me to be the very best coach and trainer that I can! I am excited and determined to grow as a coach as we take on this journey together!

Hi!  My name is Sarah, and I love to spread the word of health and wellness to as many people as I can.  I am a mother to 2 amazing girls, a teacher to a bunch of crazy junior high kids, owner/coach of CrossFit Outland, and true believer in the health benefits of Juice Plus+.  
I started CrossFit in March 2014 after hearing about how amazing CrossFit was from my husband, Dan.  I started CrossFit being a runner and training with the 'Insanity!' videos.  I had gotten to a point where my knee was hurting after long runs, and I was plateauing losing the baby weight from our 2nd daughter.  I had never done any lifting, hanging on a bar, or squatting.  When I started, every class was hard and there was so much that I couldn’t do.  It felt like it took forever for me to progress beyond using a dowel, medball, or doing a ring row.   
But, even though it was hard, and many days were frustrating, it didn’t take long and I was hooked.  I started doing things I never thought I could do, and started pushing myself to be better.  I set goals of doing 1 real push-up or being able to hang on a bar for more than 5 seconds. In June 2015, I completed the CrossFit L1-trainer course, and began coaching in our gym.  I enjoy coaching and helping others improve their fitness.  In February 2016 I spent a weekend learning about how to teach CrossFit to kids, and it changed my life!  I had already started introducing my love for fitness to my students through our morning workout program and standing desks, but now I had the foundation to teach kids of all ages the skills I was teaching adults.  I get so excited when I teach a kid how to squat using proper form, get that kick up to handstand, or see them push through when they’re tired.  
After my CrossFit obsession began, I started learning about nutrition and changed the way our family eats.  We integrated Juice Plus+ into our daily routine, and our family has never been healthier or happier!  I never thought that I would find something that I was so passionate about.  I LOVE being in the gym, and love sharing our experience with health and wellness to anyone who will listen.  It is awesome having our whole family be a part of working on strengthening our bodies for everyday living.

Hey Everyone, my name is Dan.
My fitness journey started in 2011 after my first daughter was born.  My fitness experience was much like many others, working out at the local gym following a daily routine of lifting weights.  After a while, I got bored and sick of working out by myself.  In 2013 I visited a CrossFit box with a friend, and that was it, I was hooked!  Never before had I thought about the importance of functional movements, and how vital it was to my everyday living.
I became a CrossFit level 2 trainer in 2014 and have continued my fitness education, acquiring certification in CrossFit mobility, CrossFit gymnastics, Level 1 Agatsu Kettlebell, and have been training in Olympic Weightlifting since 2013.  
I am truly passionate about quality movement patterns.  I love teaching others, all ages, how to move properly and get stronger for their every day living. There is no quick fix for health and wellness.  It is a life-long journey.  Everyone has their own “why” in the fitness world.  I want to help others discover that “why”, and I want to help them get there.