What – Team competition (teams of 2 – male-male, female-female), with only one skill division. This will be a fun competition aimed towards people who are new to CrossFit and/or competition. Your level of skill should be at the beginner/intermediate level.  There will be a mix of events designed to test different aspects of fitness.
Who is this for? This is a great first time competition for newer CrossFit athletes who are curious to test the competition waters, and for athletes who are still developing their skills. (Basically, if you have a 3 minute Fran time and a 2.5X body weight back squat… then this competition is not for you.) We ask that all athletes be familiar with all basic CrossFit movements, as well as Olympic Lifts. It would be to your advantage if one of your partners has some gymnastics skills, such as pull-ups and toes to bar, but it is not required. There will be scaled movements available for teams who do not have these movements, however you will be scored lower than teams who can complete it RX. There will be no high skill gymnastics in this competition. Please note that there is only one skill division in this competition.
When – Sunday, June 17 2018

Event Date: September 29th, 2018

Prairie CrossFit
1249 Clarence Ave #3
Winnipeg, MB


It was an amazing event with lots of support! The event raised $11,216 for mentoring in Altona.

Thank you to Dan from Crossfit Outland and Dwight from Canadian Lumber for their hard work in organizing the event and making it a success.

Event 3-chippermania

150 DUs
100 ft synchro walking lunge
50 single arm DB Clean and Jerk
100ft synchro walking lunge
50 box jumps
100ft synchro walking lunge
50 DB snatches
100ft synchro walking lunges
50 burpees
100ft synchro walking lunge
150 DUs

20 min time cap

One athlete per team works at a time. Athletes can split up the reps however they choose, no need to high five to switch partners.

RX - 70/50# DB; 24” box, DU
Intermediate - 50/35# DB, 20” box, DU
Scaled - 35/25# DB, 20” box, single skips

Regular standards apply for all movements, but will be reviewed at briefing for the event.


2A - 5 minutes 
1 Rep Max Thruster (Both Partners)

1 Minute Transition
2B - 4 minutes
MAX effort Thrusters (Both Partners)

2A - There will be one bar and weights set up for each team. At 3-2-1 GO!, athletes will load their bar and attempt a thruster. Athletes must deadlift their bar, then slide to the hang position before proceeding to the squat clean thruster. Partners can switch back and forth as often as they want within the 5 minute time cap. Only one partner at a time may be on their mat lifting.
Score will be the total of each partners 1 rep max achieved.
Rx & Intermediate - Squat clean thruster from Hang 
Scaled - Power/Squat clean thruster from Hang

2B - Athletes will have a 1 min transition to strip weight to 50% of the lower 1 RM achieved (rounding up to the nearest 5). At the signal, athletes will have 4 minutes to achieve the maximum amount of thruster reps they can accumulate as a pair. Partners share the work any way they choose. 
There will be bar minimums: Rx - 65lbs; Intermediate - 55lbs; Scaled 45lbs
All regular standards apply for thrusters.

The Granite Games is far more than a fitness competition - it’s a global community dedicated to encouraging athletes at all stages of the fitness journey to achieve personal greatness.

CrossFit Fargo has partnered with The Granite Games for a competition just for Intermediate and Scaled competitors. You can look forward to the same level of competition experience you have come to expect from both CrossFit Fargo and Granite Games events. 

The Granite Games Throwdown is tailored to offer athletes new to competition an opportunity to challenge themselves and have a blast doing it! It’s designed to be accessible and fun, while at once providing a platform upon which athletes can test their limits.


3 rounds
2x25m Swim (One Partner)
50 Air Squats (Partners)
500m Concept 2 Row (One Partner)
13 minute time cap.

This event will begin with one partner on the swim platform. At the signal they will swim 25m and back to the start. After getting out of the pool both partners will do 50 air squats on their mat. At the top of each air squat they will high five with hands above head. One partner will then move to the rower and complete 500m. Once complete, they will get out of the rower and high five again. That is one round. You can switch which partner is rowing and swimming if you want.
Score will be time to complete, or total distance + reps.
This event will be the same for all levels (Scaled, Intermediate, RX)

Event Details

2018 Harvest Games-Presented by CrossFit Outland
Come out and enjoy a mixed partner CrossFit competition at the Harvest Festival in Winkler, Manitoba!  Mixed teams will test their fitness across broad time and modal domains with 3 events and a floater WOD throughout the day. All WODs are partner workouts where athletes can divide up the work any way they want.  Workouts will include many of the well known CrossFit movements, but will also include a few movements that will challenge all athletes.  Athletes should bring all of their usual gear, including a swimsuit!   


RX:  RX teams have at least 1 athlete who is a seasoned athlete, proficient in all CrossFit movements.  1 athlete should be able to snatch 185# and clean and jerk 225# comfortably.  This division is for athletes who RX CrossFit workouts regularly.  

Intermediate:  Intermediate teams have athletes who do some workouts RX’d. These can be seasoned or newer athletes, but may be missing those higher level movements (MU and heavier lifts). These athletes can lift moderate weights and may be proficient in pull-ups, DU's, etc.  These athletes are beyond scaled but not quite an RX athlete yet.

Scaled:  Scaled athletes are either new to CrossFit, or are here to have fun and maybe want to try their hand at a competition that will challenge but not kill them. Athletes should be familiar with all the standard CrossFit movements including Olympic Weightlifting.