Welcome to Outland Nutrition!
For those of you who don’t know me I’m Carolyn Froese, owner of subway/sweet Caroline. I recently graduated with Precision Nutrition certification and am excited to announce my next adventure as a nutrition coach! Either it be through Nutrition coaching or together with CrossFit Outland, we can help you gain your health back!
* The process would start with an inBody composition and measurement analysis scan.
* A nutrition assessment which includes goal setting (weight loss, performance, body composition, muscle gain). .
* Review food preferences, supplements used and physical activity. .
* A physical copy of your inBody scan. As well as “before” photos. .
* Personal online interactive chat.
* Weekly check-ins by email or text message.
* Weekly adjustments to plan (as required). 
* Review and summary, including “after” photos. .
Please feel free to call or text me @ 324-7731 for any questions or inquiries!